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Our Story

Hey! I'm Johnnie, nice to meet you. I'm so happy you found our little website & hope you're lovin the art. So a little about me-I'm 23 years old, born and raised in LA, and I've wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. I've been drawing nonstop since I was a little kid, just for fun. Listening to music- blaring the Beatles at a volume that most definitely pisses off my neighbors and drawing for hours makes me so so happy, that was my go-to pastime for years. Art was a hobby I held very close to my heart, but I assumed it would always be just that- a hobby. I was too shy to put my work out there- art can be so subjective, and its an exceptionally hard industry to break into. 

Enter my soon-to-be-husband, Nick. We met in college in Florida, where I was pursuing a degree and still drawing on the side. He was a marketing major from Illinois, with a sense of humor nearly as dumb as mine- we started dating, and I eventually let him in on what was once my own private pastime: art. He took my art seriously, and encouraged me to stop hiding my work! I remember the first time I displayed my drawings at one of our university's events- I was petrified, to say the least. Yet shockingly...the response was...positive? It was a bit of a turning point. From then on I was a little more open about my passion- when people asked what I did, I would hesitantly respond with "I'm an artist!" Over time I learned to say that with confidence. 

By the time graduation rolled around I knew it was time to make a choice to either pursue a career in something a bit more stable and traditional, or say what the hell. Nick and I unanimously voted for the latter. 

I made an instagram- which sounds like a step one would've taken a decade ago, but like I said, putting your heart and soul out there is spooky! I've been blessed enough to connect with some genuinely rad people- musicians, art lovers, and good people who helped support my dream through commissions and collaborations, sharing, etc! Trying to keep track of all the commissions and orders was getting a little tricky, so the next logical step seemed to be creating a website. Next we wanted to try branching out into things a bit more challenging- designing t-shirts, mugs, whatever you can think of that would be just a little bit better with a dose of art. 

We're a new, tiny business, and we're learning as we go, but know that by buying a print, following on insta, or even spreading the word about us to people you think would enjoy my work, you're helping make this dream a reality. 

Now when people kindly suggest I should just stick to art as a side hobby, I seriously can't imagine agreeing with them. I'm an artist, this is my art, and I'm so grateful to pursue a career doing what I love! I hope you follow along with us as we keep growing, working and of course, creating really funky pieces of art.